Class SASjsConfig

Specifies the configuration for the SASjs instance - eg where and how to connect to SAS.


  • SASjsConfig



appLoc: string = ''

The appLoc is the parent folder under which the SAS services (STPs or Job Execution Services) are stored. We recommend that each app is stored in a dedicated parent folder (the appLoc) and the services are grouped inside subfolders within the appLoc - allowing functionality to be restricted according to those groups at backend. When using appLoc, the paths provided in the request function should be without a leading slash (/).

contextName: string = ''

The name of the compute context to use when calling the Viya services directly. Example value: 'SAS Job Execution compute context'

debug: boolean = true

Set to true to enable additional debugging.

httpsAgentOptions?: AgentOptions

Optional setting to configure HTTPS Agent. By providing key, cert, ca to connect with server Other options can be set rejectUnauthorized and requestCert

loginMechanism: LoginMechanism = LoginMechanism.Default

Supported login mechanisms are - Redirected and Default

pathSAS9: string = ''

The location of the Stored Process Web Application. By default the adapter will use '/SASStoredProcess/do' on SAS 9.

pathSASJS: string = ''

The location of the STP Process Web Application. By default the adapter will use '/SASjsApi/stp/execute' on SAS JS.

pathSASViya: string = ''

The location of the Job Execution Web Application. By default the adapter will use '/SASJobExecution' on SAS Viya.

requestHistoryLimit?: number = 10

Optional setting to configure request history limit. Increasing this limit may affect browser performance, especially with debug (logs) enabled.

serverType: null | ServerType = null

Can be SAS9 or SASVIYA.

serverUrl: string = ''

The location (including http protocol and port) of the SAS Server. Can be omitted, eg if serving directly from the SAS Web Server or being streamed.

useComputeApi: null | boolean = null

If it's false adapter will use the JES API as connection approach. To enhance VIYA performance, set to true and provide a contextName on which to run the code. When running on a named context, the code executes under the user identity. When running as a Job Execution service, the code runs under the identity in the JES context. If useComputeApi is null or undefined, the service will run as a Job, except triggered using the APIs instead of the Job Execution Web Service broker.

verbose?: VerboseMode = true

Set to true to enable verbose mode that will log a summary of every HTTP response.

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