• SASjsApiClient



  • Creates the folders and services at the given location appLoc on the given server serverUrl.


    • dataJson: ServicePackSASjs

      the JSON specifying the folders and files to be created, can also includes appLoc, streamServiceName, streamWebFolder, streamLogo

    • appLoc: string

      the base folder in which to create the new folders and services.

    • Optional authConfig: AuthConfig

      (optional) a valid client, secret, refresh and access tokens that are authorised to execute compute jobs.

    Returns Promise<{ example?: {}; message: string; status: string; streamServiceName?: string }>

  • Parameters

    Returns Promise<{ log: any; result: any }>

  • Executes code on a SASJS server.


    • code: string

      a string of code to execute.

    • runTime: string = 'sas'

      a string to representing runTime for code execution

    • Optional authConfig: AuthConfig

      an object for authentication.

    Returns Promise<string>

  • Exchanges the auth code for an access token for the given client.


    • clientId: string

      the client ID to authenticate with.

    • authCode: string

      the auth code received from the server.

    Returns Promise<SASjsAuthResponse>

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