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SASjs is a open-source framework for building Web Apps on SASĀ® platforms. You can use as much or as little of it as you like. This repository contains the JS adapter, the part that handles the to/from SAS communication on the client side. There are 3 ways to install it:

1 - npm install @sasjs/adapter - for use in a node project

2 - Download and use a copy of the latest JS file

3 - Reference directly from the CDN - in which case click here and select "SRI" to get the script tag with the integrity hash.

If you are short on time and just need to build an app quickly, then check out this video and the react-seed-app which provides some boilerplate.

For more information on building web apps with SAS, check out sasjs.io

None of this makes sense. How do I build an app with it?

Ok ok. Deploy this example.html file to your web server, and update servertype to SAS9 or SASVIYA depending on your backend.

The backend part can be deployed as follows:

%let appLoc=/Public/app/readme;  /* Metadata or Viya Folder per SASjs config */
filename mc url "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/sasjs/core/main/all.sas";
%inc mc; /* compile macros (can also be downloaded & compiled seperately) */
filename ft15f001 temp;
  %webout(FETCH) /* receive all data as SAS datasets */
  proc sql;
  create table areas as select make,mean(invoice) as avprice
    from sashelp.cars
    where type in (select type from work.fromjs)
    group by 1;

You now have a simple web app with a backend service!

More resources

For more information and examples specific to this adapter you can check out the user guide or the technical documentation.

For more information on building web apps in general, check out these resources or contact the author directly.

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